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Worship is the giving of yourself and all your desires, efforts, energy and resources completely to something or someone.  Before you met the Lord and were born-again you worshiped something and maybe someone.  Something else had the preeminence in your life.  Now the Lord wants you to worship Him and Him alone.  No one or thing is to have the place that only God can have.  Our worship of God is to be our entire life.  We worship Him with our life.  Every thought, desire, plan, goal, word, and deed is to be for His glory now.  He is the center of your life.  He is to be your everything.  God created you to know Him, to love Him, to worship Him and to serve Him.  You will find your true purpose and the meaning of life when you live in a life of worship of God Almighty through Jesus Christ.  The Holy Spirit is the one who teaches you to worship God with your life.

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