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Walking with God

Walking with God can be compared very much to growing up naturally. You start out as an infant needing special nourishment and care.  Everything is new and every experience a 'first time'.  You then go through the seasons of being a toddler, a child, a teen, young adult, and then a mature adult.  Each season holds it's own special challenges with new things to learn.  We get the most out of life if we remain willing to learn what God is teaching us.  Being teachable is a very desirable virtue in the eyes of God.  When you stop learning, you cease really living and can get stuck in a particular stage for a long time.  So keep your eyes open and your heart tuned to what God is saying to you. Be determined to keep growing spiritually.   


Now that you’re born again you’re on a spiritual journey deep into the heart of God.  His desire is for you to know Him.  Jesus said that eternal life is to know God and Jesus Christ whom God has sent (John 17:3).  On this journey there are going to be some good times and there are going to be some impossible times, some joy but also some pain.  Just remember that Jesus is always with you….always, especially during those times when you feel like He’s not.  He has not left you alone to try to make it on your own.  Jesus through the Holy Spirit now lives in you.  You can talk to Him anytime and He hears your prayers.  Talk to Him about everything.

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