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Spending time with God and communicating with Him is your lifeline.  Take time each day to read His Word and to pray.  Be open and honest with Him.  Talk to him about your life, your real life.  Tell Him about your plans, dreams, hurts, concerns, anxieties, needs, and don’t forget to thank Him for all He is to you.  So many do not pray because they think it doesn’t do much for them.  Prayer is a privilege, a necessity, and a spiritual discipline.  It is a privilege because Jesus died so we can come to the Father at any time and talk with Him.  It is a necessity because we will dry up spiritually if we neglect prayer.  It is a spiritual discipline because it’s not something that comes natural to us unless we’re in grave danger.  Prayer is something that’s learned by practice.  If you want to grow spiritually spend time in prayer consistently.  Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you to pray.

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