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Marriage, what an arrangement.  It's one of the most wonderful, intriguing, and difficult of all human relationships.  Marriage was designed by God Himself.  In God's creation marriage is the most important human relationship one can have.  It is the joining together of two into one.

God made Adam and Eve and brought them together as husband and wife. His plan was to give them a good life and a good relationship.  They lived in the Garden of Eden where there was no sin, no problems and no fighting.  Through a bad decision, sin was brought into their world and their lives.  The rest is history.  The best and the worst of it all happened in a marriage, the first marriage.  

Men and women from the beginning of time have been trying to figure it out, how to live with one another, how to be happy with one another.  God's plan is still to give each husband and wife a good life, a happy life together.  It takes a lot of hard work to make a good marriage but it can be done.  Most people just wing it when it comes to marriage.  Most have no training on how to be married well.  How can you expect to  be married well if you don't know how?

We pay the price for those things we want the most, so why not pay the price to have a good marriage?This will take help from God and some knowledge about how to be married well.  It's up to you. God is already willing to help you.  His plan has never changed. You can have the kind of marriage you've always wanted.

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