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Many people think marriage is self-sustaining.  That is, that a marriage will do just fine because I married the right person or I'm not that hard to live with.  There could be any number of reasons.  But the truth is that a marriage, just like anything else, if not tended to, will weaken and can die.  Marriage is a living relationship and one that requires a lot of attention.  You need to hear that again... a lot of attention.  After God, if your marriage is not your number one priority, you are in trouble.  The effects may not be showing much now, but down the road a breakdown is coming.  Your job or your children or hobbies, or even church cannot come before your marriage.

Like a car, a house, a garden, your marriage needs special regular maintenance.  You need to know your spouse and love them the way they recognize and appreciate love. That may not be the same way you recognize and want love.  You are to be a student of your spouse.  You and your spouse should be best friends.

Don't put your marriage on cruise control and take for granted this person you promised to cherish for the rest of your lives.  You said that...remember?  There are many online resources and books to help you in your marriage.  See the links on this page.  We offer a face to face 8-week marriage maintenance training in the Birmingham area that will help you get your focus back where it needs to be.  There is no charge except for the books you will use to study from.  We provide the marriage coaching you'll need to get back in the game.

Marriage Maintenance

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