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Your Spiritual Journey

You are created to know God and walk with Him.  He made you and wants to give you a life full of His love and power.  His plan for you is to be born again and then spend the rest of your life getting to know Him.

Born Again

Getting to know God requires a desire to know Him and faith.  God gives to every person a seed of faith in their heart.  When He created you He put that faith in your heart.  You will have to humble yourself before Him by believing what He has to say about you and Himself.  His plan is to bring the two of you together.  He has revealed His plan in the Bible, the written Word of God.

Walking with God

Walking with God can be compared very much to growing up naturally.  You start out as an infant needing special nourishment and care.  Everything is new and every experience is a 'first time'.  You then go through the seasons of being a toddler, a child, a teen, young adult, then a mature adult.  Each season holds it's own special challenges with new things to learn.

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