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God's Word


The Bible is God’s Word.  He gave us a written copy of His will for our lives.  We can begin to know God by reading and studying His Word.  It’s important to realize that what God wants us to know is the spirit of His Word and not just the letter.  If we know what He says but we don’t live it then we are only fooling ourselves.  Purpose in your heart that you are going to put into practice those things the Holy Spirit is teaching you in God’s Word. Read it everyday.  It is spiritual food that you cannot live without.  Think about it and how you can put it into practice in your life.  Talk to others about it.  Jesus said that those who have His Word and keep it are the ones who really love Him and that He will reveal Himself to them.

There are many avenues through which you can read the Bible, the written Word of God.  You can read the Bible online.  There are several sites that exist for this very purpose.  BibleGateWay is one.  There are Bible apps for desktop, eTablets, and phones.  A good app is YouVersion.  It will help you in many ways to have a structured Bible-reading routine.  You can take it with you anywhere.  And of course there's the old tried and true paper Bible.  You probably want to have a paper Bible in case your electronics ever happen to fail you.  In our humble opinion, one of the best versions of the Bible is the New Living Translation (NLT).  It is a translation of the original manuscripts and manuscript copies in our modern language.  It is a very understandable translation of the Bible.

As a disciple, a follower, a student of the Lord Jesus Christ you will have to put forth effort to feed yourself the Word of God.  The more you read and meditate on the Word, the more you will want to live it and the more you will want to read.  Never get tired of learning from the Word.  It is to be your life.  Take personal responsibility to make Bible reading, study, and meditation an important part of your life.  Then live it.

Copyright 2014 New Life Ministries Birmingham AL

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