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Fellowship / Church


The Lord doesn't want us to be alone.  He doesn't want us to walk through this life without others to share this life with.  Yes, He is with us.  But He wants us to have other believers we can grow with, live life with, worship and serve Him together with.  There are those who have gone before us, who have been on this journey longer than we have.  They can help us as we find our way.  The Lord made the church for this purpose.  Everyone who is born-again is a member of the church, also called the body of Christ.  You need to talk to another believer and find a good church family that you can be a part of.  This is an important part of your life.  The church is not the building, the property or the location.  The church is the people, the believers.  These are not perfect people, but those who have put their faith in the Lord Jesus and have begun their journey into God's heart.

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